Sunday, 22 November 2015

‘I love sunglasses’ by Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

Dazzling, vibrant, chic, cool and edgy – those are words that describe Vibgyor Marathalli’s range of sunglasses. Don’t you just love your cool shades? Whether you buy them for style, to hide behind or simply because it is sunny outside – you have to accept that sunglasses have the coolest style quotient when it comes to accessorizing your outfit; especially if you are going for a luncheon! No other pair of accessory adds that quality of oomph to your overall look or attitude other than sunglasses.
But hey, is this your first time buying one? Vibgyor Marathalli brings to you an easy-to-understand post on the types of sunglasses out there.
The aviator has taken cult status where sunglasses are concerned, and not just because there is a movie with the same title! If it’s your first outing buying sunglasses, Vibgyor Marathallisuggests you try these out. They will make you look like a cool rebel!
If you feel like bringing forth your feline retro vibes with a touch of femininity, Vibgyor Marathalli recommends cat eye sunglasses. Feel your inner Marilyn Monroe take flight with these; or…Audrey Hepburn (if you are looking for a chicer role model).
For the adventure and thrill seeking, try the sport model of sunglasses. Categorized by thin and sleek lenses, think of Virat Kohli or the mighty MSD when you wear them! Sport sunglasses are perfect for when you go for a trek or playing a sport.
If you are into the whole retro look, try out the round sunglasses. Try a few frames before you settle on a frame cautions Vibgyor Marathalli though. It is not something everyone can carry off and that depends a lot on the shape and size of your face.
Apart from the shapes of the different sunglass lenses, don’t forget to try them on before making a final purchase. Also, don’t be shy to experiment a little – after all, you only live once, no?!

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