Saturday, 4 July 2015

Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens launches catalogue with New Shop

They say, eyes are windows to the soul. But beautiful limpid-brown eyes that suffer from myopic vision will miss out on a lot the world has to offer. Or if gorgeous grey like Ashwarya’s that look picture-perfect with kohl-lined diamond dazzle tint, are only able to see things in a blur, then life would be well…grey indeed. This is precisely why Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens brings you a wide range of alternatives that suit not just your facial features with correctly diagnosed remedies, but also your pocket.

It all began when Kalyani Ram Mishra was browsing through a foreign catalogue, while still studying in college. He knew that by the time the latest style from abroad would hit Indian shores, it would have been passé. That was when he decided to start his own enterprise - Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens that would open up an entirely new vista of fashionable vision aids!

Rashmi Najmi Habib, veteran stylist helped him along the way. He approached her for guidance - how to create a sensation in the Indian market. She spelt out the style statement for Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens: Where vision meets style. This was later promoted through online catalogues choc-a-bloc with designer frames, tantalizing customers to browse and buy.

Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens were a rage almost overnight as all style divas vied for the hot, trendy pairs and being affordable would want to buy down the whole collection (one to match each outfit!) This in fact paved the way for Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens to have Relationship Managers and Personal Stylist for a significant chunk of their elite customers, who were given exclusive preview rights and appointments with designers to interpret their lifestyle with unique creations. Today, these style paragons proudly sport creations of Vibgyor Marathalli Frames & Lens to international events that reflect glamour and their discerning taste; bringing attention from foreign shores to what began on the dusty streets of an Indian city.