Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Three ways to care for your Vibgyor Marathalli Frames and Lenses

The world turns bleak for a moment as you realize you are not able to see clearly anymore. You dread going to the ophthalmologist, awaiting the impending prognosis – you have a number. You start to feel silly for all those times you wished you had specks, just to be able to wear all those cool frames. And then, the optician hands you your very first pair of specks...and it’s like magic! You can suddenly SEE again!

With Vibgyor Marathalli you discover the wonderful world of fancy, chic, quirky and stylish frames. It’s like art...only it’s on your face and it helps you to see. However, did you know that caring for your frames and lenses is as essential as finding and buying the perfect pair?

Vibgyor Marathalli understands the need to take care of your precious lenses. Here are three simple tips you can follow to ensure longevity of your frames and lenses:
  1. Cleaning your lenses: use the specialized cloth that comes with your Vibgyor Marathalli specks to ensure no unnecessary scratches come on the lenses as a result of using a rough cloth.
  2. Storage: when not in use, place your specks in their proper case. Keeping them in the case will help you to find them when you need them next and will also protect the lenses from dirt and dust...and from being sat on by unsuspecting people!
  3. Placing them: while placing the specks on a table or any surface, make sure the lenses are placed upwards and not towards the surface. This is the best way to protect your Vibgyor Marathalli specks from scratches and marks.
The lenses that come with your Vibgyor Marathalli specks are made from the highest quality. Even though they are affordable, we do not compromise on the quality. By following these simple day to day steps, you can be sure that your specks will last you for a long time. Maybe that way, you can invest in some different types of give you some variations; to match outfits with frames! More on that later!

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